July 16, 2014

Cover girls

So my recent visit to the Veterinary / Veterinary Conference in Hamilton has been immortalised in a sneaky photo appearing in this weeks NZVNA Newsletter... 
The arresting officer, Karen, is a fellow vet and a tutor at Bay of Plenty Polytechnic....

We had a great time!

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July 15, 2014

You haven't truly lived until you've tried to do yoga with a cat on you....

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You haven't truly lived until you've tried to do yoga with a cat on you....

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July 13, 2014

Relaxation and Regeneration

Holidays -a hard earned mid semester break to replenish some energy for the rest of the winter.  Two new classes starting, three current classes on the go and heavy planning for the many changes ahead in the next 2-3 years.  Some of the plans are really exciting, some are just necessary evils that we know will create stress, but relocating and retrofitting buildings for earthquake codes is a city wide fact of life we all have to get on with! Like potholes, roadworks, delays, EQC, insurance problems..... despite all this some lovely buildings are rising from the rubble and the plans for the parks, waterways, lakes and rivers do offer long term hope for the city.

Some highlights from the past two weeks have been the end of term concert with choir - and a good audience despite some heavy rain... two lunches in the sun at Winnie Bagoes with some of the students to celebrate the holidays, lunch with my workmates at Baretta Bar to end the term - bliss.  This week an amazing farewell to friends at Pegasus Arms on Tuesday, big family dinner at home Wednesday just because... decadent afternoon tea at The Tea House in Lincoln with my parents on Friday and a wonderful 10 year reunion dinner with the class of 2004 last night at Trevino's.  Great bunch they are too....
Looking forward to seeing Jaz and Mark and the girls tonight :)

To offset all that excess I have made the most of the sun and taken the dogs out each day - although yesterday was grey and windy. I took them along the river to an area in the red zone - to a place I loved pre earthquake and was sad to see so desolate now. Locksley Ave looking across to the Kerrs Reach rowing boat sheds. Most of the houses have gone... a few stragglers remain, boarded and empty. It was good to at least see swans, ducks, geese and even shags in the area.

Poppy and Jess love all the extra attention... even when we are just watching TV they appreciate the company.  Jess is doing well for 15 and still loves her walks. 

Have a great week :)

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June 24, 2014

Lovely week.....

It was a great week in Hamilton.. despite the hour long wait for a cab in the rain when we arrived. Think they need to review their evening airport runs as we landed up with seven people, plus piles of luggage, in one shuttle at $20 per head. By 9pm we were cold and hungry, but walking into the lobby of the Novotel and being surrounded by All Blacks cheered us up no end. Even I was seen to grin broadly...
A late dinner and a Pinot Gris made all the difference.

It was a great vet conference.  There was a recurring theme of mindfulness, wellness and stress relief over the programme - and a great session with Sir John Kirwan had us up hugging, dancing and with a greater appreciation of how depression and anxiety can take over lives. You can read more on how JK dealt with it, and is now helping others, on depression.org.nz.

The other main theme was the increasing problem of antibiotic resistance.  It seems inconceivable that we could lose antibiotics within 100 years of their discovery but increasing overuse or perhaps just misuse, could end their effectiveness very soon. Meanwhile alternative treatments, better use of sterile surgical and nursing practice instead of antibiotics and many other necessary steps must be taken by all medical people - and educating the public on not expecting them to be available for every virus. We all have a role to play.
You can read more at the NZ Vet Association site.

Meanwhile I caught up with some great friends - and although I took very few pictures, I did get Jan in her catsuit....

Big thanks as well to Louise and Mike who took me out to lunch and gave me a bottle of their latest olive oil harvest - loved catching up with you :).

The All Blacks managed to entertain the hotel with spa pool company for some lucky vet nurses, along with trips to the gym and frequent return company in the lifts clad in their towels. There were many appreciative comments from guests and overall the men were all polite, chatty and good company. A credit to the team.

We had dinner by the river one night at Ferrybank ... and lots of time and a great Gala dinner at Claudelands Event Centre.

It was good to get home for the weekend and stop for a while.
The All Blacks won.
The dogs were happy.

On Sunday we had many laughs over some brain teaser puzzles when we got together to celebrate Kirsty and Jess's birthdays from last week while I was away.
Try this one:
Be warned - it was harder to get it off the buttonhole on James's shirt after  - took the three of them while we were all helpless with laughter.

We also set up the projector and relived some old memories from Mum and Dad's slide collection. We are trying to sort out a few to convert to digital. I felt like a huge slice of my childhood in England finally fell into place again as I haven't seen those pictures for so long.  Strange to see so many young people as well - was that really us?   I felt the same at the vet conference - the people being honoured for awards were often at Massey doing their PhD's when I was a vet student - so are not much older really, but repeatedly I acknowledged to myself how old they appeared to have got. A chilling reminder again how fleeting time is.

After slow progress with all the rain, finally today, the first half of the new gutters went on to match the new roof.  It's looking great! Very happy with it.

And now it is almost the end of term.  One more week before the holidays.

I think I will go and practice some mindfulness and truly appreciate a coffee. Living in the now still the mantra.

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