March 16, 2019

Our local paper today

Never assume things will not happen to your community. I don’t think anyone in New Zealand expected to wake to this type of news but then why shouldn’t we?  We thought the same about earthquakes.  But today, extremists appear to be everywhere. We are an island but not immune to hatred. The end of innocence indeed.

The immediate update to security and changes for gun laws are welcome news. Meanwhile, I hope, wherever you are, you will please rally around the people in your community who will be fearful.

My son had this to say yesterday.... 

I had the privilege to visit the Linwood Mosque just  yesterday afternoon for work.
Linda and Muhammad I met on the peaceful site were very polite and gentle as they showed me round. They were planning on having a cup of tea together after Muhummad had finished watering the vegetables and fruit trees in the garden.

Why someone would want to commit such a heinous crime at these peaceful and sacred sites to beautiful fellow kiwis is unfathomable. I hope they are both safe and my thoughts are with all those affected. ♥️

Day 2

John Campbell is a NZ Journalist who has helped many Christchurch people since the earthquakes and has a deep connection to the city.

I can also really identify with this.... I think we all can.

My first response upon reading of the massacre in Christchurch was, I admit, stunned blankness. I could read the words, and I understood them, but for a few moments there was no obvious emotional reaction. Not because I didn’t care about what had happened, but because the enormity of it meant it was simply too difficult to immediately process.

Thank you for your kind thoughts.


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