April 4, 2020

Christchurch Lockdown Life

Just found these videos today.
I wanted to save them for future viewing - the diary of events this blog seems to be at the moment. I guess for the people of Christchurch this emptiness is eerily familiar from our post-earthquake lives in 2011. Just the army tanks and the roadblocks missing.

My mother lives on the West side, I work in the centre, and live on the East side..in the East video, all the shops at the start of the video are where I shop.... and the Avon river where I walk. The bridge is near my house....
Can't see a South side one yet... but you get the picture.

Like most of the world, as a non-essential worker, I am working from home - we have given the students time off and are working hard getting ready for the online delivery of our programmes.  We don't know how long we will remain in lockdown but the whole country,  the whole world, is facing the same reality.  Life has changed dramatically in such a short time - thank you to all the medical teams and the supermarket workers and the people keeping things running - the least we can do is stay home and make this lockdown work.

One son is still in London, as are many of our family.   My nephew and his wife are in Paris and my brother and his wife are in Vancouver. We get updates ...  The rest are in Auckland, or Tauranga or here in Christchurch... keeping in touch with emails and What's App and Facebook and last night, a family Skype.  Nice for Mum to see everyone and have a laugh.  We miss our regular get-togethers.... but we drop off shopping for Mum to wash and store and do our best to keep her safe.

Life is revolving around team Zoom meetings and planning what to do  - but this week I had two House Party chats with a bunch of friends (yes, wine was involved)  and we even had a zoom choir...  it pays to remind ourselves that we are physically distancing, not socially distancing. Now if the internet goes down we might struggle.

Poppy is frustrated that we are not going to work  - but we are lucky that our neighbourhood is filled with rivers, and rabbit scents to follow.  Today after her walk, she voluntarily walked into the shower for a warm wash ... totally unlike her! 

Meanwhile, we read and we worry and we stay in our "bubble" and hope we can flatten the curve, or eliminate the virus - as it's all we can do. 

Take care everyone and look after each other.

February 22, 2020

Christchurch - Nine Years on

Nine years...
We knew it would take a long time,  probably 20 years, for Christchurch to recover from the impact of this day in 2011.  It seems a long time ago - but the memories run deep.  Even this week, when I was teaching evacuation procedures, I reminded my new class of students to keep phones, keys, and money on them at all times - to make sure they could get home if we had another big one.  I guess it is positive that I feel they will get home... but the white chairs memorial will always remind us of the many who didn't.   We all know grief comes back regularly to remind us of our losses.   For me this week it was our wedding anniversary and I suppose these dates are always etched in our minds - for the plans, hopes, and dreams we had all those years ago, whatever the results of it all were.

So today there was a good article on the "progress" of the city. The ups and downs - the plans and things still promised to come.  An interesting read if you have the time.


Last night we had dinner in the south frame - new eateries, rooftop bar, some people headed down to "SALT" for more afterward...   we enjoyed a beautiful, balmy 30C evening in good company. A lovely way to unwind after surviving the first week of the new term.

I'm off now for my weekly long walk in the Red Zone - Poppy loves it.  You can read about progress there too.

Today we will be foraging for plums and figs....and maybe mushrooms along the river.
Life is good - long may it continue xx

Update: The memorial wall taken 27/2/2020

January 21, 2020

Always  interesting to see how Christchurch is viewed internationally
as I live on the outskirts of Horseshoe Lake and the Red Zone, I thought this was a good article.   You can see my area in the picture below - I live on the outer loop of the top Horseshoe shape along the small river that leads down to The Avon.


Some of the issues being faced in the use of this enormous area are presented in this document on Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor Governance case-studies.   Some light reading for the keen....

I'm back from some holidays - firstly to Hanmer Springs with three generations enjoying some R and R,  We stayed  at an idyllic place on the golf course and enjouyed some adrenaline with the jet boats...
and last week staying with my friends in Nelson. Was wonderful to enjoy friends and a spell of welcome, warm weather as the summer here has not been brilliant, yet.  However, the recent warmth has left the Port Hills tinder dry and everything looked very brown when I flew in yesterday -  so far no fires, but we watch the Australian fires causing so much damage and heartbreak and after our own hill fires three years ago, we are all aware of the risks.  So glad there has finally been rain in Australia - I hope this reduces the fires enough to get them under control.  So grateful to all the people that have volunteered to help the people and animals affected. I have donated to a few places for wildlife rescue but I am sure there are many other charities assiting the people left homeless too.

Back to work shortly - it has been a wonderful break and I feel almost ready to get back into it - just need to get used to waking up early again!


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