September 29, 2008

Absent son and Rupert

I noticed my youngest son's bedroom on the way to the shower. As per usual it is messy, but it is sadly empty... and I have no intention of tidying it. What caught my eye was Rupert snoozing on the discarded dressing gown.

Rupert likes that son and particularly that bedroom. He seems drawn in there. Actually, so do quite a lot of them, as you can tell by this picture of his bed in the morning winter sun ....

Son is away skiing with his father.... probably somewhere in Wanaka or Queenstown right now. We used to live down there, so they enjoy the chance to spend time together and drive round and redo The Gondola, The Earnslaw, youth hostels. Not to mention The Luge, and now possibly the new attraction, some sort of bungee swing.....

The house seems quiet with only daughter coming and going ... mainly going on reflection. As I am on holiday, it is strange, but not unpleasant, to have the house to myself. So many things I could be doing.....

Rupert came to us as a replacement for another much loved ginger tom cat.... RIP Pickles.

It took us a long time to find him.

I was visiting one of my students at our local Animates one day, and he arrived as part of an abandoned litter of kittens. After 10 months of watching out for one, I immediately said I would take him, but because he had a scratch on his eye, I landed up quarantining the whole litter for them (remember I am a vet...) and of course, no surprises, the whole litter is still here 8 years later.. . i.e Rupert, and his handmaidens, Nala and Beatrice.

He is still a very special, very beautiful and very majestic cat....

Anyway - time for action, not procrastination. First job filing back statements, then look at insurance claims, then warrant of fitness and then the hospital to visit "neo conduit".

Blogging is much more fun.

Have a lovely day...

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