September 20, 2008

Bailey Buttons

I inherited Bailey, aka Bailey Buttons, when I moved in with my partner early last year.

She was a designer breed exotic kitten, once purchased at great expense from a local pet shop by other family members. Her penchant for toileting around the house resulted in her changing homes, although the habit moved with her.

Eventually I came to live with her. The fact that I brought three children, two dogs, and five other cats with me, didn't worry her and she took it all in her stride. Now, she is my friend. She seeks me out, greets me when I get home, loves to purr pressed up against my face (which involves a certain amount of nasal droplet exchange.... ) and seems to want to curl up next to me whenever she can, as she is now as I type on the laptop. The other cats accept that the bed is hers and have adopted the children instead.

But she is beautiful in her own squashed face kind of way.

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