September 18, 2008

The Comfort of Pets

Life is stressful in many areas for me right now, and I have been procrastinating about starting to write a blog. Lets just say I am juggling many things.But I knew the moment would hit me when the time was right. I am up early, listening to the birds sing in the early morning light. It is spring here in New Zealand, and I drove through Hagley Park yesterday where blossom and tiny green leaves are appearing on the trees, a reminder of a new year, and promise of summer after a particularly hard winter.

I woke this morning and found my brain was not going to let me return to sleep, so I took stock of little things around me; the curve of my partners back beside me, the warmth of the duvet, and the gentle snoring of the dogs at the foot of our bed. So I sat up and looked at them. The sight of their sleeping bodies in their bean bags, peaceful, happy just to be in the room with us, filled me with a rush of pleasure. Perhaps, because I have nearly lost them both in the past, I really appreciate and love them both. One day, they won't be in those bean bags, and I realised again how I will feel the hollowness of their loss.... meanwhile their adoration and love for me helps me to cope with my day. I knew I had to capture the feeling for myself of their importance in my life and share it with my blog.

Saffy is the Goldie, and Jess the Border Collie x...

I decided to be a vet when I was six and have never regretted my career or the life it has made for me. Pets matter in our lives. Just enjoy them and appreciate how much their companionship means to you.

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