September 28, 2008

Princess Nala...

Nala has moved around our family lavishing her attentions on one favoured person, usually for a few months at a time. We have her full sister, Beaty, and her brother Rupert too, but they are firmly bonded to my youngest son. The honour of Nala's love has usually been bestowed on either my middle son, or lately, my daughter when son left home.

I do remember a surprising few months, after a long period of indifference to my existence, when Nala once transferred her loyalty to me, turning her trademark somersaults on the bed when I rubbed her back; I felt privileged.

Today, middle son returned home for a visit to collect stuff for his latest flat. (Good to know that parents useful for storing clutter and providing plates and kettles and cutlery as required...)

I saw Nala issuing her royal summons as I hung out the washing ( beautiful warm and sunny here today after yesterday's gales..) . She was miaowing at him as he walked towards her, from her vantage point on the fence beside the sleepout. Not her usual genteel little miaow, but a loud, raucous, repetitive noise, resonating across the lawn. She didn't even move off her fence. I wondered what she was trying to tell him...... I got the distinct impression she was telling him off. The reunion was touching.... Wonder if he is allowed a cat in the new place?

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