October 11, 2008

Christchurch, NZ. "The Garden City".

Its a glorious sunny day. We are waiting for news of the baby... the contractions have started at last. D Day.. coming somehow, sometime soon. Could be a long day though. There was evidence of a thickened nuchal ligament on the scans, so the possibility of Down's Syndrome is still there too. I know this knowledge has hung heavily over the parents, but if it happens, she will have two fantastic sisters to guide her.

I love it that she will be born in spring, my favourite season. Not too hot, filled with promise of long days and warmth, but we can still sleep at night without problems. Not a fan of hot sticky nights.... and have never regretted leaving the humidity of Whangarei to live down here in Christchurch. At least here we get four seasons, not two..i.e wet or dry. I DO miss the beaches up there though; hot white sand and pohutakawas and no damned easterly blowing sand in your face and cooling you down.

The dogs love the beach here still.

Aging has made me appreciate seeing the garden burst into life, as I realise that something I took for granted is now to be treasured as something I can't see that many more times. I will probably 'see' more in the next 20-30 years than I did in the last because I will actually look and appreciate!

This is my half blossom, half rambling rose tree that I can see out of my bedroom window as I write. Soon, it will go completely white with roses, which are just peeking out of the green now. Would be amazing as all blossom, but I love it when it changes... so I don't cut the roses away. "Bryony" is one of the possible names for the new baby. Along with Olivia and Charlotte. I wonder what they will decide.

Been an amazing year for rhodedendrons - no idea why...

Love this soft pink one:) It is almost peach in places. And this year, the red ones have appeared too....
The lattice to the left has Stephanotes climbing on it....

Our house is the original farmhouse for the area. The hedges and trees still remain. The huge tree behind us is getting its new green canopy. Hard to give you an idea of its size, but we can't reach the top of the hedge without a high ladder and the wee triangle you see is the top pitch of the house next door, which is on a small hill. Great shelter from the winds off the southern alps. Pays not to think of what it would do if it falls this way in the night as it would take out most of our house :(

You can check out more pics of Christchurch by clicking on the title link, on the picture of the city, or for some interactive pictures, go here:

The dogs love the garden.

I caught the dogs snoozing peacefully last week.... before I spring cleaned and washed the curtains and put the bean bags out of the bedroom. In revenge, they have scattered the floor in the living area with polystyrene balls... need duct tape NOW.

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  1. Beautiful post hun. Good luck to jazz, thinking of you guys today!!! xo


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