October 3, 2008

Decadence in Hanmer Springs

A very welcome break in my partner's schedule yesterday made us realise we could actually go away!!! Some quick phone calls and in no time we had arranged for daughter to house and pet sit, with middle son taking over today while she heads over to Akaroa.

So, we made it over to Hanmer Springs late afternoon .... and booked into the relaxing Drifters Inn, run by friends of my partners. Lovely - can recommend it if you are heading over.

It has a real Lodge feeling, but comfortable and central. :)

So far today have only managed to wander the shops... but last night we had Blue Cod at the Alpine Inn, followed by dessert at Rustic Tapas ....banana spring roll, sticky date pudding, walnut ice cream, maple syrup and fruit - served on a giant platter to share. Decadence and very romantic :)

This afternoon we are going to swim, wallow, indulge, maybe a massage, soak away a few cares and worries .....

Bet there will be a few people in the pool but these will give you an idea....you can smell the water as you walk out of the Lodge.... lovely sulphur. Must take off my jewellery before I head over. Plays merry hell on silverware.

Planning a quiet dinner together tonight. Can feel the stress sliding away.

Tomorrow, would love to find out where this photo was taken ..... it sums up the meaning of total tranquility in nature to me.


  1. neo-conduit is home again :)
    Will catch up with her over the weekend...


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