October 1, 2008

Friends, family and holidays...bring 'em on.

Considering I didn't have much idea of what to do when I was rudely woken by the alarm at 5.45 am yesterday morning.. and it is only day three of daylight saving so it really HURT, I had one of those spectacular days yesterday where I felt grateful to be out and alive and on holiday!!!!

I had planned for a lie in once OOMA (Object Of My Affections) had left for work. In fact I managed less than 30 minutes before giving up on that idea. So, decided to visit my parents. When I read Antlers's blog, and I advise you to start here if you do: http://deathstudy.blogspot.com/2008/09/lot-to-think-about.html , I realise how lucky I am - and I have one toe on the wood table as I write this but still superstitious enough to worry about tempting fate.... anyway - lets just say they are elderly, but still enjoy walks and tennis and are active in the community. When I arrived, at morning tea time, Dad was up the tall ladder pressure hosing the upper gutters of the top storey using lashed together bamboo poles at arms length. Mum and I left him to the spray and enjoyed a cosy chat and a coffee alone - a rare treat these days. A quiet lunch with them both doing the crossword while the hail lashed the windows - yes , day three of daylight saving and we have hail!

I made it up to visit neo-conduit http://neo-conduit.blogspot.com/. Definitely a better day for her.....we sat in the sun outside the hospital with her daughter, looking out over the blossom in Hagley Park. It was ok in the sun, pleasant and no hail ... but we saw six ambulances rush past, the Rescue Helicopter landing in the park, and three fire engines, all in about 15 minutes. Peaceful appearances were deceptive. We wondered about the people whose lives were being affected or saved.
I found a great pic of the hospital set in the middle of the park:


and of the blossom

I dropped off my daughters bag in town, to a peaceful side street within a stones throw of the local town hall, where OOMA works as a sound and lighting technician. She showed me round the renovated cottage her friend was housesitting - wow - derelict house frontage - amazing modern area to the back. Poky though - I would feel cramped. Sure inner city life is not all it is cracked up to be and I don't know if I can do the minimalist thing!!!

OOMA was running the National Ballet Awards at the Town Hall - and the fountains in the picture at the start of today's blog are taken there.

I sat on the sound desk and watched the girls, vulnerable and alone on a brightly lit stage, doing their routines for the judges. Some great talent, particularly as they were only 13. My response to their nubile appearance and impossibly slim bodies was to head over for coffee and citrus cake as soon as there was a break. I mean, what else can you do!!!

Finally, as the sun shone behind me, perhaps daylight saving does have some advantages.... I drove East to the beach area, to the furthest tip of the spit where the sea meets the estuary.

The area is famous for its pier..

Here, I passed an idyllic six hours in the company of three good friends, sipping Chateau Cardboard, and savouring braised lamb shanks, mashed potatoes, home grown cabbage in butter, followed by my first strawberries of the season. MMMMMMMMM

We watched "I am Sam" - second time round for me, but enjoyable and a fresh reminder of how parents should always view custody issues, as well as brilliant acting by Sean Penn. And yes I have seen Tropic Thunder!!!!

Last chats and shared ideas before leaving and finding OOMA finally home from work, warm arms waiting.


Happiness doesn't really get much better than this.

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