October 19, 2008

Kids and babies and pets

Despite not winning the $30 million last night, or even being one of those who won six million, I had a great day today. It was a real family occasion as I got most of them together for lunch at home - and what beautiful sunny weather. Managed to sit and enjoy the sun until three o'clock, eating and enjoying a glass of red vino.... or two.

Then headed out to visit Pheobe's family. Check how they have survived week one of her life... and I am pleased for them that she is sleeping well, often for five hours at night, and all was going well.

Finally managed to get all the girls all in the same shot:

Her other big sister..
And I know it is blurred but I love this shot - she is just adorable, and so alert.

Behind her is Tyson..he has the most enormous purr and has spent the evenings all through the pregnancy pressed against Phoebe, apparently often waking her up and making her kick and stretch. Well nothing has changed and he was determined to sit on the pillow next to her and Mum.

This is Tyson"s sister Lucy - another lovely and affectionate cat.

And last but not least, is the black horse, Sam. He is an amazing dog. People who know me are aware of my love for Black Labs... so here is my current favourite one.

Apart from Lab I am not sure what he is crossed with. He was from the SPCA originally and is a big gentle giant.

Hard to believe the weekend is over already - but soon be Labour Weekend :)
Just glad to have had some sunny weather to make it a great break.
Work tomorrow :)

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