October 14, 2008

Living and dying

In the week we gained Phoebe, Neo-Conduit has found out that she has lost her dad. She tracked him down in America 4 years ago and they have been talking and writing ever since. Tonight she found out he had died though an email from her aunt who had never met her but found her details in his belongings.
Neo-Conduit: R.I.p Dad/

I can't help much, but I did go to see her - company when grieving is sometimes the only thing we can do. Reading Antler's posts on death also helps me put things in perspective.

While the economic world crashes around us, it does help to remind ourselves of what we do have, and how lucky we are if we have the basic necessities of life and good health. I have so many friends who are facing major and life changing health issues. Their future and quality of life is uncertain and fear is close to the surface. They are taking it one day at a time.

I found this picture of Faith as a puppy recently...

Faith, the two legged dog

See her on Oprah's show

Her story is worth looking at :)

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  1. Thank you Fi, for being there. It meant the world. You have a huge heart. xox


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