October 24, 2008

Long Weekend in Spring

Yay, it's Labour Weekend so three days off. Slightly get the feeling I am living for the holidays these days!! But work has been much better since the last holidays..um two weeks ago.

It has been a busy two weeks for us of course...finishing two classes with practical assessments and inbetween writing all the exams and marking piles of assignments - so time off will involve some homework on my part, as well as study for the students. Sure this is a small comfort for them to compensate for the hours they spend writing them!

Bandaging Assessment :)

Still, a change is as good as a holiday and at least I can mark them in comfort.
Pet peeve... students who expect exam marks back on the day they sat them... well yeah if you don't mind us marking them by seeing which ones land at the bottom of the stairs etc. This could work with assignments - the inadequate ones would flutter down and the long ones would reach the bottom. No doubt students would soon cotton on to this method and add lots of blank pages and diagrams, or lead. Something else to watch for instead of the usual copying...

Other pet peeve... students who think that lack of preparation and attendance on their part means they should still pass when they can't do or answer anything correctly. Hmmm. Sorry, this is a qualification, not an "I was there" record..or more accurately, "I was not there"!

Anyway, despite the forecast of a wintery blast for the weekend ( think I heard snow being mentioned on facebook!), some recent warm weather seems to have resulted in making the garden look amazing.... hard to know where to start, but here are some of my favourite shots.

Camellias and Rhododendrons are in full bloom.....

and at last, the roses are appearing too.

Other things are appearing too - all signs of spring heading for summer.
Irises, Jasmine and the first of our white wisteria over the deck.

My daughter has been training for a half marathon lately and taking the dogs running. As I write, Saff is drying herself in front of the fire after a run at the beach.

Jessie loves exploring the local forest and the beaches, but her age is catching up with her. When she gets home, this is the most likely sight of her we will see :)

As the world news continues to be full of recession and elections it was good news that petrol prices have dropped again. ... now, just got to pay the panelbeaters and survive Xmas and save for the tax in January. Always something!

My partner and I took the chance to have dinner together while he was on a break from work earlier this week. We sat by the River Avon and watched the punters... very peaceful.


  1. There are always some huh Fi ;-) try drop kicking the assignments, might make them bounce further hehe. Hope you enjoy your weekend, yep you read right, snow is forecast for where we were going! Not going until Sunday now poop.

  2. What? Snow? Bahhh I'm painting the house this weekend, so pooze to that. Beautiful pics, the rose still blooms beautifully. Xo


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