October 9, 2008

A relaxing week of hard work...and things to look forward to.

It has been a week of highs and lows.

Time on my hands leaves a vacuum to fill and had a lot of dark thoughts crowding in. Perhaps menopause has a lot to blame...but the happy hormone tablets seem to be helping.

But there have been plenty of highs...

My son was 25 and we had dinner with my parents to celebrate. Three sons, one daughter, one Daughter in Law...

My partners daughter is about to have a a baby girl, number three...and she is already 10 days overdue... can't wait to meet her. I am enjoying being an honorary step nana....

I spring cleaned and washed curtains and got the garden sorted and lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. Think Feng Shui is right - clutter drags you down!

I got the car repairs and warrant done. I have a theory that something costs me around $500 a month - so was relieved that this was not the case to get these done. But - I still have to pay the vet bills for the horse...

I didn't do ANY work. Mild guilt, but I can handle it. I am on leave after all.

I walked the dogs.
I looked at the blossom.
I watched Prison Break and Sarah Connor Chronicles, and went to Eagle Eye, and surfed the net whenever I wanted to.

I caught up with many good friends.... incuding Neo-conduit who is recovering from her week in hospital. Hard to beat time with friends to put life and happiness n perspective.

Wow - over all a week to celebrate. I might be ready to work again next week finally. It has been a much needed break, and I feel partially recovered. Will work on the mind body and soul stuff as well.

Take care, my two readers :)

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