October 25, 2008

Wants and needs

We all have wants...
Working out what is a "want" versus what is a "need" is going to become even more important now that the s**t has hit the fan in the economic world. Slapping it on the credit card and the "never never" might not be so easy when belts are tightened. There are too many struggling to pay the interest on their debt, let alone the principal.

Some of my wants would have to include the things I had fun thinking about when there was 30 million up for the Lotto draw last week. Like the rest of New Zealand I pondered the concept of financial security, round the world travel, stopping work, upgrading the house, the car,

the phone,

the computers and all the other household appliances. Dreams are so free.

The reality is that my work in the last 10 years has moved me out of one lifestyle and into a world where I know many people struggling to manage despite low wages, benefits, high mortgages, big student loans. Bringing up four children has probably given me a greater appreciation of the value of an hours wages too. Thrifty parents...well, I often stop to think what their thoughts would be and how I can justify a purchase. So I pay my insurances and plan for retirement and try to keep the cars and house maintained. I manage. I am better off than many but take nothing for granted. I still have fun... go out.... buy designer clothes at op shops, and manage a coffee with friends. I have been poor - I know the feeling of change in your pocket to indulge yourself in things is often the difference in coping or not!

So where's the problem? I am surrounded by people who want to indulge in wants and ultimately I seem to be the one who has to pay for them. I try to avoid wants. The ones I have I am paying off... but somehow I still have the credit so I land up having to buffer their excesses. I must have SUCKER stamped on my forehead. And right now it means that I can't have any of my wants while they get the toys. Can you see the smoke pouring from my ears?
Sorry to be cryptic - this is a blog after all - just thought a vent might work! I hear blogging is empowering. If I do it enough, then one day I will rediscover life as something other than a doormat and scream "ENOUGH".

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