October 26, 2008

Warm fuzzies and hangover

I went to a hen's night last night.

Not just any old hen's night, but one where I got to celebrate the impending nuptials of two of my past vet nursing students. They met when we went to Kaikoura in 2004. As one was studying past time over two years and one was full time, they did not cross paths until we took the combined classes away together. Now they have got their first house and have set the date for next month. I guess what made this so special for me was that it was a reunion of so many other students, spanning mixed classes over three years; in fact much longer if you consider that my colleague and friend who also came, was a student as well in 2000. So much news to catch up on.

The angelic bride had dog biscuits carefully sewn into her veil.... and a long list of tasks and prizes and forfeits.

No vet nurse hen's night would be complete without Blue Juice.... and I blame the final consumption of these for the seedy feeling today... or it might have been the bourbon or the baileys.... but it was a great night and despite the 3 degrees C and heavy rain, wouldn't have missed it for the world. Ended far too soon.... these young 'uns have got no staying power.

But wishing you both every happiness...

and thanks for the great memories.

The final highlight that came out of the evening.... the heartfelt thank you from one of the students to myself and my friend and fellow tutor. She wanted us to know how much we had changed the lives of so many of them, and to thank us for our support, fun, and inspiration. Four years later they were all doing so well.

As we battle bureaucracy, technology and budget cuts in tertiary education, it was another reminder to us both of why we love the job.

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