November 4, 2008

A 7's Meme

7 Things I plan to do before I die:
Visit England and Europe again
See my grandchildren grow to a healthy, happy, fulfilled adulthood
Start my own web site
Get back into attending or being involved in more musical events
Write more
Have no regrets
Find myself

7 Things I do now:
Work hard and play hard
Love my children lots
Attempt to keep everyone happy
Try not to fit more things into one day than is physically possible
Write lots of lists
Try to make time for myself to do things I want to do, but usually it is just things I need to do!
Enjoy getting to know my students
Blog and check Facebook far too often!

7 Things I can't do:
Say no!
Get my children to be tidy
Sit at home on my own for very long
Do nothing... others do that for me.
Stop being online!
Imagine life without my pets.
Achieve the level of perfection in the state of my house that I sometimes imagine I want to

7 Things that attract me in the opposite sex: (in no particular order)
Sexy voice
Humour and wit
Good taste!

7 Things I say most often:
"Can you help me with .........?”
"Where am I meant to be later, tomorrow, or NOW? "
"I love you"
"What did you just say?!"

7 Celebrities that I admire:
What, precisely, qualifies someone to be a 'celebrity' I wonder? I have no idea who are considered 'celebrities' or what they do or did to make them celebrities. There are famous people I admire for their talent or work, here are some:

J K Rowling, because she has done what I would have liked to do.
Tina Turner because I would have liked to do that too
Harrison Ford... for American Graffiti, Star Wars, Indy, Witness.....
Ed Hilary for a number of reasons but hard to live in New Zealand and not feel some respect for him. RIP Ed.
Tommy Lee Jones, just because I like him and have since I saw him in The Eyes of Laura Mars....centuries ago.
Diana Gabaldon for her books and for giving us Jamie and Claire.
Hilary Clinton. Not for her policies, but because I have to feel some admiration for a woman who can set her sights on living in the White House twice, for different reasons, and also rise above Bill's dalliances.

7 Favourite foods:
Anything Thai
Rare Steak
Chocolate Lamingtons with cream
Pavlova... gotta be crunchy though
Profiteroles dripping with chocolate sauce and filled with cream or some other utterly delicious filling

Feel free to try this for yourselves :)

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