November 27, 2008

Babies, kittens, endings and beginnings

Someone asked me for an update on the kittens.... so here 'tis.
They are now five weeks old and behaving well, even using their dirt tray and needing less baths. although the dried jellimeat and soaked biscuits does still stick to their coats.

Still feeding,

but eating solids.

There is also some video of them here :)

Managed to do a quick visit to Phoebe and family on Sunday... she was fast asleep when we arrived....

but woke up for playtime and cuddles before we left

This week has been filled with highs and lows. I have said goodbye to all of our four classes this month, three of them this week. A number of the students are returning to complete further qualifications next year, but many are leaving for good. It has been great to have last dinners and lunches with them all, give out the prizes and awards, and celebrate the end of a great year with them. But it makes for a long, sad and tiring week, with piles of paperwork, final marking and results and compliance issues piling on top of us. Still working on moderation, timetabling, budgets, ethics committees, advisory committees, review panels, promotion applications, staff appraisals and a myriad of cumulative tasks that are leaving us a bit frazzled. I have noticed we are all distracted and finding it hard to read or finish sentences coherently! This is not helped by the endless and well meant comments about the fact that we must be on holiday now that the teaching has finished. Yeah right! I can see three weeks of fairly solid work ahead before any thought of holidays!

Next week we have interviews for one of our full time classes and will be meeting with some of the returning students. I let myself have this week to grieve for the ones we won't see everyday, but know that next week things will pick up. Starting on Saturday with the Christmas party at our local vet clinic, various staff dinners and events, and best of all, the promise of the great new students wanting to come and train with us. I find knowing there is another batch of keen applicants looking forward to starting is a great boost over the summer. Certainly makes going back to work after Xmas easier :)

To all my past students, whose achievements make our jobs feel worthwhile, thanks for all the great memories :)


  1. Gorgeous pictures! Sounds like you've been busy. Always difficult saying goodbye to people you have enjoyed being with but I look at it as a new challenge, always another door to open.

    CJ xx

  2. SO true CJ - and if they never left, how could I meet any new ones!!! Luckily I also have the pleasure of following their progress around the local clinics, and Facebook means I can stay in touch with them all, here and overseas :)

  3. Just watched the video. Made me laugh and cry. So adorable those little ones are!!!


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