November 22, 2008

Beauty from construction: Peacock Springs

Last week I returned to visit Peacock Springs. The idea of a barren, dug out, quarry being turned in to a beautiful scenic reserve, specialising in endangered birds and wildlife, is not something many of us think about. Thanks to the vision many years of one couple here in Christchurch, that is exactly what has been developed from their construction company.

Isaac Construction is still a working quarry. But now, where it was, the natural spring water and regeneration of the trees has provided a peaceful place for many birds. Each year they are kind enough to show my vet nurses students around. They have Blue Ducks, Brown Teals and the most endangered wading bird in the world, the Black Stilt, all living, and often breeding on the park. The Black Stilts now have 20 breeding pairs, up from the 10 when the project started.

Here are some of my favourite shots..

There are also the Kiwis, although most of the breeding of these occurs in our other local parks, though the Kiwi Recovery programme at Willowbank Reserve and also at Orana Wildlife Park. A number of my past students now work in these areas and it is fantastic to have THREE places like this in Christchurch!

Finally, we have the Tuataras.... our living fossils.

While we were there, one egg hatched after a year of incubation..... you can still see the egg attached to the hatchling in this shot:

Well done Lady Isaac, and thank you for gifting this wonderful place to Christchurch as a trust.

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  1. How far-sighted and considerate. Quarry companies usually have to be forced to undertake even minimal restoration work.


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