November 13, 2008

Birthday appreciation

Yup - another day older.... and probably wiser, but I try to subscribe to Billy Connolly's philosophy that growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional, so we won't dwell on the "wiser" bit to much.

So have a lot to be grateful for this week, particularly as it is a three day weekend here while we celebrate Canterbury Show Day tomorrow and have a public holiday!

1. I have had a great evening with my lovely partner, three of my children and daughter in law, including pizza dinner at Cocopelli's and then home made self saucing chocolate pudding made by my daughter at home.
2. I am looking forward to having a family lunch with my parents and all the children tomorrow to celebrate :) and I have a beautiful cake with my name on it to take over with us that my other half ordered specially for me...
3. Planning to catch up with my partner's family and three beautiful daughters over the weekend.
4. My friends at work gave me lovely presents today and made it a good day there
5. Work is going well! The hard work of the team has meant good results and strong demand from students for next year's intakes....there has been praise from higher levels of the administration!
6. We have four classes of students finishing - one class ends tonight, and the other three in a fortnight. Another year over.... and although it has been one of the most challenging years I have worked, have met some lovely students to remember. Almost time for interviews for next year's intakes, then it is summer holidays.
7. My last child has finished school yesterday and is going to study hospitality next year... which is a strange, but not unsatisfying feeling. Should I be feeling empty nest like?? Feels like yesterday the first one started school :(
8. The cold snap is over and the weather has been warm and sunny today. Soon we will have balmy evenings and the promise of barbecues and beaches.
9. I have a partner who loves me :)
10. The garden is beautiful. So as I settle in to enjoy my three days off, I will leave you with the view that greets me when I arrive at home. Just click on the pictures if you want a larger view :)

Have a great weekend everyone...


  1. Your garden is indeed beautiful and you are blessed with a wonderful partner.

    Have a very happy birthday and enjoy your long weekend.

    CJ xx


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