November 9, 2008

Dog Mania

Went out to a party last night, leaving the dogs in the care of the young adults... who themselves went out for a while. They left the dogs inside, as usual, with loud music playing to absorb the sound of the remaining rockets. Or so I assumed when we returned home minutes before them. 
Saffy, we suspect in her eternal quest for cat poop canapes, managed to get behind the bathroom door and lock herself in there. On our return. the quiet whining from the bathroom and the absence of the blonde bombshell greeting us, finally led us to the bathroom. CHAOS!!!!!
I should have grabbed the camera. But shock plays funny things on the mind and it never occurred to me. Saff had been swimming in the shallow water in the bath (a deterrent to Bailey who thinks it is a giant dirt box if we leave it empty)... so all the bath mats and a pot plant were in the murky water. The contents of the rubbish bin were strewn around in the pools of water on the floor.  And in the adjacent toilet, the wicker basket and toilet rolls were totally chewed beyond recognition, and blood could be seen all over the cane remnants where she had cut her mouth.
I did mention her blondeness didn't I????
Took three fo us a while to clean and sweep and mop the whole sorry mess up.
Saff seems fine.
She has slept like a log on the floor beside me all night and so far, I am quite happy her mouth will recover.
Sympathy is slightly lacking.., but as I suspect quite a lot of her panic was about the fireworks as much as her personality, am not feeling too bad about it.
The scratching damage she has done to two of the doors and their frames is going to cost us eventually though :(

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