November 17, 2008

Elmo... tickle me?

Elmo is the youngest member of the family. Strictly speaking he is only a visitor as he belongs to my daughter, but he has now lived here with us for nearly two years. This means that he is likely to leave one day with her too.... unless she decides to travel, in which case I expect we will be honorary parents for as long as it suits her needs. She acquired him as a kitten when she went flatting and was missing her cats, particularly Rupert. She found him - from memory on Trade Me, and to her pleasure and surprise he was free. I love that word - free to anyone prepared to receive cat love and in return pay to vaccinate, worm, deflea and neuter me, and pay for premium cat food for many years. Wait - I pay for the food!!!

I digress. After a year of flatting, at the same time as I finally moved across town to be with my partner, and as children are inclined to do for a while, she returned home to live, and Elmo took up residence. At the time I was trying to finish the year for another class of students, move house, help plan for my son's wedding the week after we moved, and amidst the chaos, introduce the two resident cats here, Bailey and Squidget (RIP), to our four cats and the two dogs. What was one more!!! We filled the house with "Feliway" diffusers , which is the pheremone that is produced when cats rub themselves on you. It makes them feel at home and they settle in more quickly. It worked; the introductions went amazingly well. I recommend it to anyone moving house or introducing new cats to strange events or things. Personally, I found treating myself to a massage far more relaxing as a coping strategy at the time!

As you can see, he is tolerated by Nala... must be the matching colours.

Anyway - Elmo, lives in the sleepout with his mum, but slips into the main house for his meals, and some playtime with the others. He likes sunning himself on the vege garden.. you can probably see the abundance of vegetables in it in this photo!

As you can see he is quite beautiful for a young 'un. Not as majestic and Rupert and Motley, but a likable teenager.

He quite liked the huge tripod orange play tunnel...which we had to abandon as it took up all the room in the sitting room! Cats may rule, but it was a pain and we will keep it for special occasions.

He may not be mine, but he is honoured. I have immortalized him by using his eyes on the header picture for the blog....
Thanks Elmo


  1. Beautiful pictures. I don't think I could part with Elmo now even if your daughter did want to take him. He will be so settled with his friends too.

    CJ xx

  2. It really is no mystery why we love our animals so much. Hours of fun, requited love and lovely to look at.


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