November 7, 2008

Fireworks and Pheremones

How did you survive the fireworks? My dogs are acting stressed again tonight as more go off next door.

We use special spray to try to calm them down, and have been using the firework CD. It has helped, but still not fully at the comfortable stage...Jessie is keeping her ears back waiting for the bang... and this was taken the morning after the 5th!

She is wearing her specially treated bandana. We spray D.A.P on it which helps her a lot.... as in she is not under the bed shaking!
What is DAP?
According to this link:

D.A.P. Helps Comfort the Puppies and Adult Dog in Stressful Situations Such As:
Introduction to visitors or strangers
Being left alone
New pet or family member
Helps puppies and adults adapt to new environments
Visits to the veterinarian
Moving to new homes
Thunderstorms and fireworks

How D.A.P. Works

In mammals, all nursing females secrete pheromones that comfort and reassure their offspring. Dog appeasing pheromones are secreted by the mother dog 3 to 5 days after giving birth. This pheromone enhances the bond between the puppy and mother, providing reassurance and comfort. These "appeasement" pheromones have the same calming effect on adult dogs. D.A.P. mimics these appeasement pheromones to reduce or eliminates stress-related behavior in dogs of all ages. These pheromones reasssure dogs to help them feel good about their surroundings.
For best results, D.A.P., should be used in conjunction with other behavioral modification practices.

There is also a good animals and fireworks article here:Vets viewpoint


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