November 15, 2008

Five weeks old today

Phoebe is five weeks old today.

We visited late in the afternoon of a sizzling hot sticky day in the middle of our long weekend. The sort of day where you really appreciate the air conditioning in the car, giant shade umbrellas, cool rooms and cold drinks. Of course, the sitting room faces west, which is lovely on a late winter afternoon, but in the spring you get the full force of the lowering sun to cope with. With all the doors open to catch the faint breeze we survived..... and celebrated with Thai food and strawberries. I am wondering what effect this might all have on Phoebe's digestion in the next 24 hours!

Having a conversation with Tigger and his pals.... and her sister.

She finally crashed in Mum's arms....

The girls were full of beans running through the sprinklers with the dog, but later they came to read. Love the girls magazine Grandpa!

Yesterday, my family gathered to have lunch for my birthday.
Look at all the candles on my cake..... and I am only 29 again!!! It took three people to light them all, and two attempts for me put them out before the wax merged with the icing. Good on Mum and Dad for bothering. Never take parents for granted!

Driving home - the sun was setting over the Waimakariri River...
The perfect end to a perfect day.


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