November 11, 2008

Fog Bound

It is Cup Day here...races... and a beautiful sunny day. I am meant to be in Wellington attending a work moderation meeting. But amazingly, the flight was cancelled due to fog. In winter, I usually fly up the night before meetings to avoid this issue, but I didn't for a change and so I have an unexpected day with no car and will have to work from home. The next available flight with seats would have allowed me about two hours before returning to the airport, and also meant sitting in the departure lounge here for 4 hours, which might have been ok if I had access to the Koru lounge and my laptop!

So have called in at Neo-Conduits to get a lift home and the kittens are being bathed!

They have doubled in weight since they arrived.  They are active and crawling everywhere... time for their introduction to solid food too.

 Happiness :)


  1. aha - my comments box was not working - but now it is :)
    Sorry everyone....

  2. I'm such a sucker for cute kitten pics. Here goes:



  3. Lovely blog... and thanks for popping in over at mine. I'll be back here when I have time to read your old posts.


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