November 5, 2008

Orphaned kittens

Kitten season is here again, well and truly. I know there are lots of abandoned kittens being bottle fed by many willing people and as many of them are my current or past students, I have been seeing pictures of them all on Facebook. I know how much time and effort they are to raise, let alone the cost of all the milk powder.

My friend has some spare time and she offered last week to help with any kittens I heard about. So today, I picked up five orphan kittens from Cats Protection League. They had been brought in because their mother was killed by dogs.

They are two weeks old, all female black tortoiseshells. My friend is going to finish rearing them. It has been a while since I actually had to feed kittens.... although I reared two of my own from a day old rather than put the whole litter of five to sleep as the owner wanted!

Kittens can't go to the toilet alone until they are three weeks old - so we have to play mother...

And eventually they settle for a purr and a sleep.

They will need a feed every 4 hours - hopefully with a small break in the middle of the night. But it is always great to feel you are doing something worthwhile so somehow I don't think "mum" is going to mind at all...

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