November 23, 2008

Snapshot of my students; nostalgia alert

Yesterday was the big day. I posted recently on the Hen's night, but finally the wedding day dawned. I have to admit the day did not start brilliantly as I was tired after Wellington, and feeling the effects of the final award dinner the night before, which was a great night! Those who we gave the top awards probably captured the feeling best in this happy little get together, taken before the formal photos!

I pulled myself together and, grateful the wedding was not until mid afternoon, raced across town. There were so many past students there, from about four different intakes. Some of us had a wee reunion in the birdcage at the racecourse, with one eye on the sky as the warm humid weather threatened to rain off the event.

The bride was radiant. There were four of my past students in the wedding party... and mid way through the ceremony I started crying. The words were so moving and seeing them all standing up there felt overwhelming! The four on the right were all with us at some point. Nice to know we introduced them all!

The bride's dress was stunning - check out the embroidery on the front ! I also hear the men were correctly attired under their kilts as well, and have the photos to prove it :)

To you both - every happiness.

On a final note, my friend from work, who was also at the wedding yesterday, is active in our local folk club. One concert that springs to mind was a mid summer celebration where they had Morris dancers. I remember suggesting, through suppressed laughter, with tears running down my cheeks, that if things got really dire at work, we could always tie bells to our knees and dance around the office waving hankies. It also dawned on us that no matter how strange your hobby is, or might seem to other people, if you look around there will always be others to share it with you. I was reminded of this today and will leave you with this link of a potential new Haka for New Zealand: Enjoy....
In tribute to the dancers - here is their home page.


  1. Ahhh! Wedings are great aren't they. So much love and anticipation,so much faith in the future.
    It looks so warm in the pictures and here I am wearing two sweaters and a fleece and my hands are still cold. Old age I guess.

  2. I absolutely love kilts!! Not what's underneath - before you ask, but the actual skirt. I so wanted my husband to wear a kilt being part Scottish but he refused - his knees are a bit wobbly!

    CJ xx

  3. Another gorgeous post and pics!
    I could actually picture that vision of you guys at the animal room though. The old saying dance naked for your animals could be replaced with, dance Morris style instead. Fits a perfect picture of nature versus nurture.


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