November 2, 2008

A weekend of sun and history

Been a funny sort of weekend.... not sure that I achieved anything at all that I meant to, but it was beautiful weather and have been enjoying doing nothing in the sun!

Really enjoyed watching "The Other Boleyn Girl" ... and although this particular story is probably completely inaccurate, it did capture the attitudes of the times. I remember loving Anne of a Thousand Days too, but actually didn't watch the latest TV offering of The Tudors. Just didn't appeal, but I think that was because I wasn't keen on the portrayal of Henry VIII by Jonathan Rhys Meyers more than anything. I did like him better in Bend it Like Beckham, and recently in August Rush ... soppy, but brilliant soundtrack.

That type of history has always fascinated me. It was so boring at school... focusing on the the troubles in Ireland, or Palestine, or Maori Wars... which were all very worthy but never caught my imagination.

I did manage to visit Versailles when in France, and walked the Hall of Mirrors and the bedchambers and the Trianon's with far greater awe than they would have caused if I had not read so much of the history of Louis 14th through to Marie Antoinette. Last time I went back to London, I took my son around some of the places that I would not have bothered to do again on my own because I grew up in England and had already done many areas of London. At what seemed huge expense (probably because of the Time Travel Ride though history which was a feature then, if not still...) , we went to the Tower of London. I could hardly deprive him of the experience after travelling over from NZ! But I am sure I got more out of it. This time I stood and looked at it, particularly Tower Green, with very different eyes, the dramas and sadness that had happened there beyond comprehension.

London today is a real blend of the old and the new. I found this picture on a friends facebook page today and was struck by the contrasts.

Thinking of history, we have our own war of the roses here. The blossom tree on the driveway has completed it's annual change of colour. Here it was in full pink glory.

The recent winds have stripped it and now only the white remains. The roses have won.

Tomorrow I will be supervising an exam and carrying on with a steady pile of assignment, and later exam, marking... sigh. But today, I got to chat to my brother in Vancouver and sit in the sun with my parents. And it was good.

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