November 21, 2008

Windy Wellington - Absolutely Fabulous on a Good Day

It is early morning in the heart of Wellington. I am awake early - listening to the buses on Lampton Quay. The title of this will take you to the main page for Wellington City if you want to know more, after you have read this :) Meanwhile, I am close to the waterfront... which you can see here:

I am working with a variety of other vets and vet nurses from all over the country, meeting with the NZ Vet Association and yesterday we discussed issues around the delivery of vet nursing training here in New Zealand. Today, some of us are joining the Agricultural Training Organisation to plan what industry want delivered at diploma level. It is a privilege to be part of it. To ease the stress of the day we went to Pravda Cafe. (we went there last time we came up too) and had another amazing meal. The gingerbread creme brulee with citrus foam was, as usual, mmmmmmmmmm.

I read on the Pet Blog today about this kitten - amazing. I think the thought of both heads miaowing at once is particularly disturbing!

Tonight, back in Christchurch, I have our award ceremony for the last class of vet nurses this year. They finish officially next week. It is a fun night, tinged with sadness, but also full of pride as we congratulate and award the students and meet some of their partners. There was a time when it would have meant a long night for me, often running them home in the early hours of the morning, but now I tend to leave them to it and they can party all night if they want to... at least I don't have to cry at all - will save that for when the finally leave next week. Then straight into a few days of interviews for next year's classes....feels kind of like my last post - getting a kitten to get over the grief!!

Speaking of partners, mine has posted some of his art gallery online. My favourites are the pointilistic ones... and the page does not do them true justice. Their attention to detail is amazing. Some of the originals are much bigger than they appear here - in fact TrYptiX is three large pictures ( hence the name). I am on a slow interent connection, so not sure this has loaded properly.. but just follow the link for more.
Time to get up and start the day properly. Have fun folks.....


  1. So clean and clear, just how I imagine NZ to be [since The Piano]

    The photo of the kittens is very sad..did they survive?

  2. Yes it is a lovely country.

    And i haven't heard how the kitten(s) are doing Moannie, but there are more pics on this article :)

  3. Just a note re the kitten/s with the two faces.
    They didn't make it.
    Age 3 days.


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