December 13, 2008

Birthday week

Managed to go and see my partner's family yesterday after a very hectic two weeks of working where we have not managed to all have a spare evening when we could all get together... but last night we had a very important fourth birthday to celebrate.. and a 2 month old one as well. It was a particular treat because all the girls stayed up late to enjoy seeing the Xmas lights that are draped over the house and verandah.

This year they have two trees up, both beautifully decorated- and they are looking very organised!!! So far at home we have managed to actually assemble our tree... after 50 years of real trees we succumbed to a very nice fake, purchased for a quarter of the real price on Xmas eve last year.... now, wheres the spray to make it smell real??? We are thinking, as we stand surrounded by icicle lights and fairy lights and flashing santas in the local "Ware Whare" (where everyone gets a bargain.... and is pronounced worry phurry, and is a nickname for "The Warehouse because "Whare" is Maori for house") .....

I digress - we thought, "didn't we lend the lights to the kids for some event earlier this year because they don't appear to be in the garage at home" and of course we can't decorate the tree until the lights go on!

Anyway - the important facts are that the birthday girl got "Mariposa" who is a disney barbie fairy princess with exploding wings.... I am not kidding - you want to watch your face when it flicks... apparently Mariposa is Spanish for butterfly.

and a Paris Hilton Bag to carry her puppies in, and a car racing track.... see picture later.

Phoebe is cooing and smiling and interacting as one of the family now... many changes in the short time we have not seen her... we mainly took videos yesterday as she was so active, but managed to get her still long enough for a couple of pix :)

The birthday girl - four years old, racing her cars with purple puppy bag at her feet..

Phoebe in shock at the red eye flash flicker!

and watching the family intently while I admire the Xmas tree ( the smaller version by the budgies cage... )

Happy Birthday girls :)

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  1. You did it again!!! Here I am in Munich laughing at a funny Mariposa barbie advertisement!!! Who would have thought! Oh these little girls are so funny. And it is not a long time that I was wanting all these things myself. Lol...

    And Phoebe, oh my god, she looks so ADORABLE in that picture!!!


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