December 30, 2008

Christchurch summer weather has arrived at last

I have spent the day as a little puddle of sweat, struggling to do very much at all.... Much as I enjoy the heat, I know it hit at least 31C today and it does make it hard to function. I braved the sun for five minutes to hang out the washing this morning and was already pink by the time I came in, so have stayed in the dark, deep recesses of our old villa as much as possible when home, seeking out cross breezes. Villas may be difficult to heat in winter, but at this time of year, it is great to retreat to the cool! Two days ago we coped by visiting our son and daughter in law, where they are house sitting on the beach to the east of us. Lots of people were bodyboading and a nice walk along the surf beach in a gentle breeze helped...
New Brighton Beach, Christchurch, New Zealand

Yesterday was another hot day, and after reading the review by the lovely Fat, Frumpy and Fifty, we braved the movie "Australia" in the late afternoon and although I have read mixed reviews about aspects of the film, I enjoyed it. Three hours of cool air conditioning watching the dusty red dryness of the Northern Territory was also good.... 

By the time we surfaced from the mall, when it felt cooler, I got a text from a friend, Neo Conduit, who was not well and we duly took her up to the hospital. The Emergency Department has become quite familar to us over the past four years; I can discuss knowledgably the changes to the style and layout of the seating, the dreary Health TV running in the waiting room, preaching good health to the ill and suffering as they wait in fear and distress. The Triage area, the Work Up rooms, or WU, the new layouts, more space, better technology.... the comfortable footwear, (lots of Crocs), the uniforms, the Red Cross helpers, where to find tea and coffee and sandwiches, the long waits, the general air of patient suffering by people who would far rather be anywhere but there, but need the help. In my role up there as patient support for a friend, it is probably best described as worthwhile, a chance to advocate, but inclined towards tedious. For the patients and their families, it is largely fear. Somehow, this fear does not reduce because you are a "frequent flyer", in fact as far as I can see, it increases because you know all the things that can go wrong... and this is all before you get to the ward, the op, the overnight stay, or whatever plan is decided this time. I guess if there is one thing I do take away from it all - Never take good health for granted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My stay in ED last night was cut short... my friend's young daughter needed to be in bed. It was after 11 before we could get her back to our place and into the spare bed; which needed making up, checked for spiders ( which it failed...) and in the end she slept on the couch, and stayed there until we finally woke her at lunchtime today.

Meanwhile, after being discharged at 4 am, a new visit to the doctor resulted in orders.. back to ED again this afternoon.  This time waiting for a bed and two days in the ward.... so to pass the time, we carefully analysed all the available houses for sale around the city... none of which we will buy. When the parking siutation became an issue, we finally left, my friend still in WU waiting for a bed on the ward. No word yet. Will go up again tomorrow....

Leaving the air conditioned ED, we reloaded the parking monster using text, ( if you have never done this, it is a challenge to do it in the time they give you...) and crossed the river next to the hospital to sit and have a cool drink in the Antigua Boat Shed Cafe..... where it was peaceful as people set off punting and kayaking.

We took these as we crossed back over the bridge. The rush was over for the day....

While searching for some links to the boat shed I found this site - and I also got the earlier beach photo from here. Check it out for more photos of Christchurch, as well as punting here.
No idea what the temperature is - but it is cooling and, finally, we can sleep. 


  1. Have a lovely, long, and restful snooze. It sounds as though you deserve at least that.

  2. Fi, thanks for your comment at mine. I just thought I should explain that my rabbit post was very tongue in cheek. I have spent a fortune on her but if I didn't care and love her, I'd not have bothered! Hope you weren't offended. Vets do a great job.

    Sorry :(

    Happy New Year too you all.

  3. Not offended at all lol - but i do know many people find it hard to justify paying for small furries...
    Sure she is well looked after - will post this on your page too :)
    Happy New Year


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