December 20, 2008

Christmas First Aid

Vet Nurse has written some very good advice to pet owners to help them survive Xmas.

She is an experienced vet nurse and I agree with everything - although I try to avoid Washing Soda... and she correctly suggests you ask your vet before using them. Also check what has been eaten as some things are better left in place than returning up for a second burn of the throat.

Here is what we tell our classes:

Poisoning through ingestion

Identify the type of poison – take packet with you to the Veterinary Hospital.

Always attempt to determine the approximate time of exposure or ingestion of a toxin.

In cases of animals ingesting a toxin, the main goal of your treatment advice is to recommend quickly and effectively eliminating the toxin product. In general, advising induction of vomiting should be avoided.
Recent guidelines from the ASPCA advise against using salt and washing soda as emetics; this is due to the potential to induce electrolyte imbalances and gastric and esophageal ulceration respectively.

Vomiting should NEVER be recommend in animals suspected of having ingested acidic or alkaline substances, such as ammonium, cleaning products, batteries, nail polish remover, acetone, ingestion of petroleum based products such as petrol or any type of oil, or animal with abnormal consciousness, such as animals that are seizuring, dull and depressed, or in a coma.

Here's hoping for a quiet and uneventful Xmas in the emergency rooms of the world.

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  1. How useful...we worry about little children getting into poisons but not animals, and it can so easily happen. Thanksm and have a happy Christmas.


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