December 26, 2008

Christmas Pets

We could tell that as usual, Xmas would result in our dogs being alone together for an afternoon and an evening. In this busy house, the dogs are rarely alone for so long, and after much thought I decided to split them up this year .... their preference is to have the entire house and garden available, and past experience of leaving them alone for too long has resulted in broken glass, due to their efforts to burst in or out of the cat door, rubbish bin rummaging (we weight the lids down now) and scratched doors. Saffy is partial to chewing on books too... and mmmm stuffed toys.

So Saff spent the day with my friend and the kittens... my eternal debt to her, as Saff would have been far too much to cope with at my parents! She was a handful as it was - restless a lot of the time, but she had another dog to play with and no reason to be bored.  Jessie came with us, and was very good, even if the snap of the crackers, and the sight of a balloon ( her pet hate) did result in her hiding in strange places.

One thing that I did learn; both dogs were quite stressed about being out of their home environment, and, possibly, about being separated. They just don't get to do it a lot anymore.

Some of my friends' dogs had a fun Xmas: Saffy would have particularly enjoyed their presents!!!
I managed to get some extra pictures while I was at my parents house. This is  a better one of their cat : "Tasha" - I wrote about her here:

I also got some more pictures of my grandfathers paintings. This one was Corfe Castle - which I wrote about here:


And one of my favourite paintings is "Moonlight on the Pacific" , painted on the boat when they travelled here to New Zealand on a business trip in the 1930's. 

Hope you and your pets all had a great and safe Xmas day :)


  1. Tasha just stole my heart.... what a beauty!!!

  2. Pets will have to be left alone at home as sometimes there will be no other option
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  3. I had to come back to see that lovely boxer... You know, my grandmother used to breed them back in days. This was the time when their ears and tails were cut and all. That is not legal anymore. Thank god. But since I was little my granny always had a boxer, even now.

    I have to save this picture and show it to her because she would love the look of this one! Such an adorable one!!!


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