December 6, 2008

Dogs, for "beauty" and for working....

My work means I get to meet interesting people and their pets and I know many who either work with, or breed, a variety of dogs.

Some of the working dogs are Beagles involved with customs, looking for the food being smuggled into New Zealand...

Or, search and rescue dogs that came in all shapes and sizes.
These are trained rubble searching dogs...they look for people under the rubble - great after earthquakes, and bombs....

and check out the video on this page:
and read about their origins... often rescued from death row... here
I think they do an amazing job - and there is more about them here :)

One of our students breeds Hungarian Viszlas, which is a breed I only met for the first time when another student had one ten years ago, "Roy" . His owner still sends me pictures of him, although he is a much older boy now... and he helps with Outreach Therapy. You can read about another dog, Honey, that does this and has her own page here .

This is a Viszla, "Reef":

you can see more photos of Viszlas here
or check out their website

Many dogs are bred for their looks, and hopefully for their good temperament. One breed that takes a lot of care as a puppy, because of it's size, is the Neopolitan Mastiff.

We have a breeder of these in Christchurch, well actually Rangiora, slightly north of the city, and you can see their webpage here.

What caught my eye about these, apart from their size, is the way they move. I just had to share these with you :)

Something in the way he moves..............

Have a great day:)


  1. LOL - hilarious pics of the mastiffs!

    Actually the beagles work for MAF - the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. You can see more about the work they do here -

    MAF uses the beagles in passenger situations, such as airports and on cruise ships, because they are small and unthreatening, and they are rewarded with a snack for a successful indication of the presence of food or other biosecurity risk material. They use larger, active dogs in cargo situations, such as at the mail centre, and air cargo centres, where the dogs can jump onto conveyer belts. These dogs are rewarded with a game, for a successful indication. Hmmm ... did I mention I used to work for MAF? cheers, Mel

  2. It's a small world - I didn't know you worked for MAF - and you are quite right - but I wanted people to realise they would mainly see them working in the arrival halls at customs :) Apologies to the MAF staff...

  3. Those pictures of the neopolitan mastiffs are so ADORABLE!

    I learnt many things from your post today. Very interesting. Thank you.

  4. ok first pic of mastiff running = HILAR! loved it, thanks for sharing.


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