December 3, 2008

Hot, fun and feisty kittens

The kittens are fighting.... to the extent that they are now fully weaned off the bottle!! They were inclined to attack the hand that feeds them in their battles for the teat, and they don't need the sucking so much anymore...

Instead they munch kitten growth biscuits, sometimes but not always softened, and drink their way through lactose free kitten milk or plain water, as it is very hot here at the moment.

Soon, most of them will leave for their new homes. They are now six weeks old. One is fluffy, the rest seem short haired. They are all litter trained, healthy and inquisitive... climbing everywhere.


They have a huge sheepskin mat - when they lie in it, they disappear from view, so we have to be very careful where we stand!

now you see me......

now you don't...................

The house will seem very quiet without them, but as it appears two are staying, it will ease the loss.

We have been busy at work, interviewing for one of next years classes. It was hot and tiring and as usual, stressful, as we have to decide who has earned a place and has the best chance of success in the programme. At least now I know I have a lovely group coming to join me for 2009 - which is a good feeling for leading into the the Xmas and summer break.

It was a nice relief to have a laugh at this when it was all over, sent to us by a past student....

when i get out of here, someone is going to die!!!!!


  1. Love the furry rug "hiding" area for the hoodlums.
    I used to hand raise a lot of kittens. When they were old enough to hang off the ceiling like icicles, but not get down & would hang screaming till plucked off like furry oranges, l would home them (about 8 weeks old)
    For some reason kittens l raised were notorious for being insane!

  2. Every one of those kittens deserve to be on a birthday card.I love the one that is the colour of the rug, and the final pic. of the bathing cat; Priceless.


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