December 16, 2008

Implants for dogs....

I just had to smile at a news item on this evening... where they put implants into a Great Dane (and large they were too), so that he wouldn't "sag" after neutering. At around $1500 for the op, done at the same time as the castration, it is an expensive choice, but I did get to do a few when I was in practice in Auckland... and that was in the early 80's.

This dog had plastic ones implanted, but you can get silicone ones, and yes, they do come in a range of sizes..

Check out  "neuticles for pets"

Stuck for xmas presents? Then don't go past these beautiful neuticle ear rings... what every woman secretly yearns for... hmmmm - there are lots of lovely hats and t-shirts there too...and no, I don't need any of them thank you.

There is certainly no question that some male clients do struggle with having their dogs neutered... their own virility seems threatened and they act as if it is them going under the knife. If neuticles mean they get it done without having to admit it has been done, then I am all for it!

For some years, I occasionally filled in for my boss who was a weekly feature as a Radio Vet... as usual I  agreed to cover while he was away, but didn't think to ask what the pre-arranged topic would be that week. It was only as the date drew close I realised just what the station was running as the promo ads for my show;
"Is your dog humping and thrusting ???" 
It was certainly an interesting hour live on air and made me appreciate the size of the listening audience as I received a lot of ribald comments and winks for many months afterwards!
Here are some more of the pictures I got yesterday... just click on them to make them larger.

The tree is up - lights are twinkling...although it is full summer here so we don't get to fully appreciate the look for hours into the evening... but for the first time I realise Xmas is coming. :)


  1. Learn something new everyday:
    "This dog had plastic ones implanted, but you can get silicone ones, and yes, they do come in a range of sizes.." Hahaa.

    CAN NOT believe this... But I do like the earrings. Lol.

  2. I thought at first they were jelly beans!
    ..For the woman with er Penis Envy?

  3. HAHA love the earrings!! I saw the article too and had seen the Neuticles on the internet a while ago...I don't understand why it is so expensive, did they say $1500 for that Dane? I too am all for it if it makes people more likely to neuter their dogs.

  4. Sorry l do not agree with them. It is for human ego not the welfare of the animal.

    Neuticles are illegal in the UK. I am relived. You have enough problems getting people to pay bills, l think you would find a lot of people hold off until they can afford to have the dammed things put in.
    Which especially in this day and age when money is hard enough for essential treatment l do not see any justification for.
    I wonder how the charity's would react people go to them to get part of the neutering paid for as they have no money... but then the owners put in a huge amount for implants. It makes a mockery of the system. (mind you do not get me started on that subject!)

    For those that do not belive in castration l can not see it changing their mind.

    Their blurb is a total load of rubbish..."it retains the animals ego"
    An animals "ego" is smell orientated and there is no smell, that is removed when the testicles are removed.

    "Aids in the trauma associated in neutering". Well you are right there it aids it by adding to "the trauma".

    Finally it must be very uncomfortable for the animal. Testicles are soft and conform to the body these things are hard and would bash. This will lead to soreness for the animal.
    Ask a human male to "use" them and see if they are uncomfortable l bet within a week he would be very upset.

    Sorry to be negative but l just can not see anything good in them.

  5. Quite agree Vetnurse... wasn't thrilled about putting them in all those years ago either - but we did get the human silicone sort. The owners were wealthy, and they wanted them, they paid, and they were soft so the banging together didnlt seem to be any more of a problem than if we left them entire!

    Just frustrates me when owners equate their dog's looks with their own egos/ virility.


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