December 22, 2008

The Kittens are leaving...

The first kitten has gone to their new home... and two more are being assessed by possible owners tonight.... and it is more than time as they are now 8 weeks old.

The sight of fluffy MoMo's little paws sticking out of the holes in the box as she left was surprisingly sad - even more so for their surrogate mum... and I am pleased there will still be one left to watch grow up.

So far I have managed to resist all attempts to be persuaded to keep little Ra for myself... six cats is more than enough already at home. She is particularly affectionate though and quickly appears to climb on me whenever I visit... the chosen one. Sigh..

Wee Lucky has an orange coloured snip on her lip - easy to pick...

Big thanks to their foster mum for all the love and attention.

Good luck kittens - thank you for hours of fun - you will not be forgotten and I hope anyone that takes you keeps some of the photos from this blog to remember your first few weeks.



  1. Oh, lovely kitty!

    I remember how oddly satisfying and still heartbreaking it was when we had to find homes for kittens when I was a child. I wanted them to be in happy homes (which they all ended up in, thank God) but also wanted to keep them all, too, so sad to see them go.

  2. Gorgeous. I hope they find good suitable homes that they deserve.

    CJ xx

  3. Haha... I know too well what you are thinking... 7 is not a bad number...Been there a tsillion times.

    My mom has 10 cats at the moment... (they live in an old school though, and three of the cats are mine). I MISS THEM LIKE MAD.

  4. The good news is that two have gone - and both to lovely people... which is a relief and you are absolutely right Suldog.

    CJ - after them losing their mother to the dogs, and all the hard work, we feel they deserve the best homes we can find them...and with the "recession" we are aware that we are lucky people are taking them :)

    Seven - we did have seven Pienovski... and one got run over :( so yes,it has been pointed out I can do another one again... but I am resisting madly. Luckily, little Ra who loved me was one of the first to go... phew..
    Now- how was Milan - I am waiting to hear... my cousin worked there a lot and I am fascinated by it.

  5. Hi...I came here via Suldog...These kittens are so precious!
    All my friends, relatives and my sister have cats...I'm a dog person, (have 2 dogs) but all the cats I visit seem to like me! :)
    I thought of changing careers and working with a vet or doing dog walking in 2009. We'll see what happens...Have a great holiday!

  6. Hi Fi I'm now down to just one. Little mima. Momo went tonight:(
    Hebah cried her heart out, I played the staunch mum. Wee Scilla went to her sister in her new cat carrier to say goodbye, ooow it was soo sweet. I hope you had a great day! I made a new film of the girls play fighting, memories.


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