December 9, 2008

Memories of Swanage

I wrote a while ago about holidays in Pitlochry, particularly Moulin. Found the pictures buried in a photo album - this is the view past the post office across to where my mother grew up in "Blairmount", seen as the white house in the background and in the next photo.

These holidays were with my mother's side of the family..My father's side of the family hailed from North London, specifically Radlett and we lived nearby in Harpenden. They had friends who owned a cottage in Swanage. Whatever the arrangement they had, we got to use it regularly. My memories of holidays there are so vivid. Perhaps it is my imagination, but I am sure we got longer holidays then than I have ever managed to take the children on.... and of course they were hotter and sunnier!!

The journey to Dorset was always a chance to eat home made ice cream at Corfe, home of the wonderful Corfe Castle...and certainly the best ice cream I ever ate in England. Have to say that New Zealand ice cream is probably just as good, but England offered watery icy stuff in those days and the contrast was something we all remember! We usually climbed the hill to check out the castle too....
Corfe Castle
For those of you who remember Enid Blyton's The Famous Five, this is "Kirrin Castle" . More of you might remember "Five go Mad in Dorset..." and this area is where the stories were set.

In Swanage we stayed at Peveril Point in the Coastguard cottages. Last week, I did a random google for them and felt quite tearful and emotional when I found these pictures.Check out the great article at BBC on Dorset

My grandfather was an artist. He painted over 1000 oils, some of which you can see thumbnails of here and here.
Leslie Kent (1890-1980) - "The Jetty"

He painted pictures of the cottages, but I don't have a copy here at the moment - but I see it exists here!!!

Here are photos of our time there....
My mother in front of the life boat shed with the cottage up behind it.

The view
Yes - the family... c 1965
More of the nearby coast.
Those were the days......


  1. I love being the first to comment.

    Wonderfully evocative post. It looks all very 'Shell Seekers' the last one looks like a painting too, and the children could have come straight out of Enid Blyton.

    One little quibble, if you will forgive me. For some reason that falling spot efect gives me a headache. Quite a few blogs are using it, and unless it is one of my pets, I click off. You don't need it, truly.

  2. Thanks Moannie - and as I fancied myself as her character "George", it was very Enid Blyton lol. Hadn't thought of the Shell Seekers angle, but you are right...

    and the snow has gone :)

  3. I find you so interesting. These photos are wonderful. I particularly liked the one of Kirrin Castle. I still have the full set of Famous Five books, they were my absolute favourites.

    CJ xx

  4. Lovely, lovely, lovely! These photos are so beautiful and inspirational. And your grandfathers oil paintings are amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  5. hi there
    I was so excited to find you when googling pictures of Blairmount in Moulin! We have recently bought this house and are lovingly renovating and restoring it! It would be lovely to hear of any stories you have about the house and if you have any old pictures we could see? If you are interested I can send you some pictures of the renovation work and when it is due to be finished at the end of October hopefully! I would be delighted to hear from you - my email is Thanks so much!! Louise Robertson, Aberdeen, Scotland


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