December 20, 2008

National Geographic Ocelot Cat Wallpaper

This is my current desktop which you can download. This is a small version only...

I found it on the National Geographic site - look for the wallpapers-

OCELOT (Leopardus pardalis)
195 (Estimated U.S. population is fewer than 100 wild, 95 captive)

Wild ocelots are gone from all U.S. states except Texas, driven out by human development. The elusive cats still roam the wilds of Central and South America, but there's little reliable data on their true numbers.

Their section on animals is great too! I could spend hours on there...


  1. A stunning picture. Great find Fi. xox

  2. Oo that's a fantastic picture!

    I'm studying so far away because the state I'm from was out-of-state for all the US vet schools and that makes it much harder to get in (I called many of the schools to find out what I could improve upon if I chose to reapply, and without fail they all said the only reason I didn't get in was because I was from Connecticut. Go figure). So out of the schools I got into (Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Massey) I chose Edinburgh because of their 4-year program for students with a previous degree. I love it, it's fantastic! Edinburgh is a wonderful city!

    I've added a subscribe feed link to my blog, so you should be able to subscribe that way. Alternatively, I can add your email to the list of people that automatically get each entry emailed to them. Whichever you prefer.

    I look forward to browsing through your blog! :) In looking at your profile I COMPLETELY agree about your take on vet nurses. Considering most vets (at least in the US) usually start out as a vet nurse, you'd think they would treat them better. I certainly will!

    Anyway, happy holidays! Sorry for the extremely long comment! :)


  3. Hi Tara
    Interesting - and very weird that you should have to go so far! 4 years def sounds the best option, and yes, Edinburgh is lovely - that I can say as I have been there - and look for my post on Moulin, Pitlochry....

    I will go and subscribe right now on your site ... thanks for that :)
    Happy Xmas


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