December 16, 2008

Scarlet grows up.... other dogs and some colours for today

Scarlet is getting bigger... but she still fits in her Gucci bag...


she blends in well with her bed too

Another picture I liked was "Snow Dog" from Wachendorfia... this dog, usually referred to as "Superman" was rescued after the floods when she lived in New Orleans... pics of that life are here.
He is an albino dobermann, now experiencing his first winter in a tree filled, beautiful island off the coast of Seattle, far from where he grew up. Just click here to see more of her pictures - and check out the tree house they live in....

She also has little dogs and here are two of my favourite pics......

Someone sent me some other pictures yesterday - no idea where they came from originally, or I would acknowledge them,  but the colours are amazing.....


I posted a picture of my friend's daughter with her pony recently... well they now have a website - so for more pics of her click here, and for the rest of their horses click "Fountains Park Quarterhorses" - will add the link to my page too.
Here is one of their recent foals...

cheers :)

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  1. You always manage to find the cutest pictures from some magic place! My absolute favourite is the one where the little dog sits in front of the heater. Diamond!

    Oh, and the pictures with the pony... So adorable!


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