December 28, 2008

Second Xmas

The week started on Tuesday with celebrating my mother's birthday at my house...  then we had Xmas at my parent's house, and yesterday we had Xmas all over again. This time with the grandchildren who had gone away for the real Xmas day... so my family finally got a chance to meet Phoebe. My mother was more than ready for a wee cuddle...

The girls had a fun day with loads more presents - and enjoyed the new doctor's kit.... 
Now Saffy's turn ...
Obviously, all was not well (and here we have a vet in the making..... although this is not the ideal site for injections!)

A hectic but wonderful week filled with family and friends. I'm tired, but happy and contented...

Now - New Year party anyone?

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  1. It looks so bright and sunny outside the window! Must have been a good weather. Phoebe is as adorable as she always is,and kids seem to have lots of fun! :) *catching the atmophere through the web, smiling

    New year party... I will be at home on reserve... Lol. We'll see where I end up.


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