December 20, 2008

Sniffer dogs and breast cancer

Thank you to NHS Blog Doctor for this link.

Just thought it might be of interest to some of you. For some years, I supervised the running of the Dog Training Certificate at the Polytech and we had many interesting tutors, students and their dogs attending. Quite a number of them were interested in tracking and scent work and one in particular was involved with training their dog in cancer detection.

There are lots of pages on it - just start searching - and there are some at the NHS link from the entry title.
Cancer sniffing dogs

The Nose Knows

Dogs can be trained to detect many things... live bodies, dead bodies, explosives, drugs, foods, to name but a few - so why not cancer..

The Use of Scent Detection Dogs
Written from Massey and featured in the Irish Vet Journal...

Might pay to take notice if you dog sniffs excessively at you... even if their habit of crotch sniffing is thought of as bad behaviour on their part..

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  1. Very interesting. Everytime I come here I learn something new. I had never heard of this!

    *going straight to read more


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