December 14, 2008

Unsettling times

The full moon seems to have a lot to answer for this weekend. There were some strange moments, and I was tired.... took most of yesterday to get over last week and feel some energy again.
But wasn't it beautiful!!!

View from the lake: the moon on the horizon behind our house, which is down the back section..
As for how the illusion works, apparently it’s because the mind believes things on the horizon are farther away than things overhead, because we are used to seeing clouds just a few miles above, but the clouds on the horizon can be hundreds of miles away. So if we think something (such as the moon) is farther away, and it’s not, then it seems larger.

After my lazy day  recovering yesterday, while my partner worked, we did manage to fit in the supermarket, the housework, some major pruning, sweeping and weeding in the garden, and have my parents over to visit today. I even managed to cook dinner.....and amazingly, neither of us had to work at all today. I stress the had part as I know there is paperwork in my brief case, but I am ignoring it's call. I did sneak in some work to help "Antler" as she sets up her new foot business. Technology that allows us to seek help from each other on opposite sides of the world still feels like a miracle and I don't take it for granted... especially when you can get the work and chat on facebook while you edit it..... we didn;t meet on here; we went to school together, aeons ago lol :)

So to combat some unsettling discussions I have been part of over the weekend, which are sorted but were draining initially, I have filled the huge vase that our lovely neighbours gave me with the prunings from the carpet roses... and they have brightened the room brilliantly.

I shall be cursing them soon as they scatter petals everywhere, but tonight they are beautiful.

The xmas tree lights have turned up. Turns out my partner did a "man look"... and they were in a cupboard in the garage with the rest of the Xmas decorations, so they were not visible standing at the door. Do others have this issue with their "men"? Thanks to youngest son for patiently untangling them... the tree will get prettied up in its tinsel and baubles when we recover from today!



  1. What a simply gorgeous photo of the moon. Good going guys.

  2. Great photo of the moon. We had a full moon here on Friday and The Missus and I enjoyed it whilst in the hot tub.

    I love your blog...there's one region left in the world that I want to visit which is Australia and New Zealand.

    If I can't travel there, at least I can read your blog to visit from the comfort of my own home.

  3. I should add that the moon was particularly close on that night... as well as low.. the closest since 1993...

    check out



  4. Lovely moon shot it does not seem real.


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