December 6, 2008

The Oscars.....

Yesterday was one of those great days at work. Each year, the polytech puts on lunch for all the staff..and we had a social day of catching up with lots of departments before some of the staff take their leave for the summer and Xmas... I only wish we could but my team still has two weeks of finishing results, qualification reviews, compliance meetings, timetabling, handout rewriting and general sorting of paperwork to go...
Anyway - yesterday was party time, and if students wonder what we get up to when you have left for the year, then yes, sometimes we let our hair down.. So on a beautiful hot day we had "The Oscars".

One of the winners was my boss's secretary... as Liza Minnelli.  They scrubbed up well.

Our science tech team made a great effort - they all went as a character from The Wizard of Oz...
look closely for Dorothy, the nice witch, The Tin Man, The Lion ...

We had our tech there as The Scarecrow - her dog "Milly" made a great Toto....

We were also honoured by another dog visitor yesterday - Scarlet came up with her owner, playing Paris Hilton with her Gucci bag...


Later I spent the last of the evening with the kittens and friends  - when I left, four of the five had made themselves at home for the night:

What a great day !!

 ....and it was Friday - so now I get two days off - even better.:)


  1. OMIGOSH! Scarlet is soooooooo cute!!! Is she a Bichon? I have a special place in my heart for Bichons.

  2. Hi Bev - yes she is a Bichon and a much loved addition to their family. There are other photos of her when she was younger on the blog too :)


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