January 31, 2009

Au Revoir: Travels of the family kind

No, I am not going anywhere, unfortunately, but this weekend is the start of the travels for my children. There is a gathering this afternoon to farewell my son and daughter in law, James and Jess, as they set off to be International Workers in Bangladesh, although they don't actually leave New Zealand until Wednesday morning. The reality of that is only starting to sink in now, so I expect it will be an emotional week. Their blog link is on my blog roll...

Tomorrow, the other three, Kirsty, Liam and Alex, leave with their father for their trip to Utah to ski at Park City and then go to Disneyland. This is a great opportunity for them to have some fun time together, although life here will seem a bit quiet and different for a while... cold turkey practice for my empty nest syndrome, but the internet and skype will be a help too. I will of course miss them all very much, and although the lack of noise and clutter will be a novelty, it will seem strange that I will have no children at home for the first time in 25 years.

Anyway, work is busy, gearing up for loads of new students. We have more than ever, probably due to the recession! Will be great to see them return from last year and then meet all the new faces.
There will, thankfully, be other people around... friends, my wonderful parents, the lovely Phoebe's family...and last but certainly not least, my partner :)

Speaking of Phoebe, not only has she has finally realised that sucking her toes is physically possible, but, to her parent's immense delight, can stay asleep for a full 12 hours when she finds her thumb.

For the kitten followers.. here is an update on Scylla, seen below, reclining regally on her faux fur cushion. She is getting a lot more ginger in her colouring now and is very elegant. She also fetches when you throw toys, and likes to practice hunting!

What price progress? Check these out - Google maps have confessed to a wee accident!!!
The pics are here:
Will leave you with Beatrice...and get ready for the first Au Revoir.. now where are those special aloe vera tissues!!!!



  1. Phoebe is a cutie.

    bad, bad google!

    Good luck to your son and his pwife in their endeavours overseas, what sort of work are they doing?

  2. lol - yes - bad google!

    They will be teaching English and doing youth work over there... will keep them both busy, especially as I hear that men have to do the shopping, and women have to do the rubbish.... I forget who has to cook now, but I know they will be eating right handed, with their fingers...!

    If I had to choose out of the destinations they are all going to.... I would head for Europe instead!

  3. All the best to your son and daughter-in-law, what an adventure!
    Love Tracey xxx

  4. Hello Fi - I hope you manage to let them go without too many tears.. I have given you an award for you to treasure ... please collect it from my blog.. Phil xx

  5. Big Hugs Hun, I know this time is tough, and there is nothing else that I can say that will ease your heartache right now except hug hug hug. Safe and happy travelling to all.
    The pics are great all of them. The ones of Scylla turned out really good as well.
    Kirst xoxo


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