January 8, 2009

Christchurch Heat Wave!!!

I was right.... today was hotter than yesterday!

While chatting online to friends all over the world I have heard about the weather they are having 

London might be colder than Antarctica with temperatures in the sub zero...
 London was colder than parts of Antarctica yesterday as temperatures in southern England were forecast to plunge as low as 14F (-10C) overnight.
 and America might have been having snow and storms, but New Zealand is hot.

Sydney is even hotter...

According to the NZ papers...

Much of New Zealand sweltered in unusually hot weather today, with reports the mercury topped 40 degrees Celsius in Christchurch.
Hotter than normal temperatures were widespread over New Zealand with 12 locations between Timaru and Gisborne recording temperatures of more than 30C, MetService spokesman Bob McDavitt said.
Police tonight urged motorists on the Desert Road to exercise caution due the extreme heat causing the tar seal on the road to melt and lift.
A spokeswoman said sand had been put down on the road but this has also made conditions slippery.
The MetService had recorded air temperatures up to 35.7C in Christchurch, which made it the hottest day of the summer so far and neared its January record high of 35.9 degrees in 1979.However, Christchurch-based weather analyst Richard Green reported temperatures of 40C in the early afternoon with the suburb of Barrington reaching 41C, Cashmere 40C and Christchurch city 38C.

Today has been about survival... loose clothes, shade seeking..plenty of  liquids, searching for breezes, air conditioning and fans.

The children have spent the day in paddling pools in the shade. Ice blocks helped...

We are still perspiring and uncomfortable, but night is coming and the children are actually asleep.

 Even Jess resorted to a new sleeping position to stay cool!

One benefit was a spectacular sunset and sky:

We have a wonderful Canterbury Nor' West Arch  in the sky as a result of the weather....
Another hot, sultry night awaits...
To those in the snow and ice... stay warm - sending you some heat :) Happy to swap it for cool air... which is luckily forecast here tomorrow as the southerly winds inevitably follow the Nor West Arch, usually bringing much needed rain.


  1. We're ice and snow here in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Probably about 40F now, but we were at 5F over the past couple of days, which is about -76,000,000 Centigrade as I recall from my science classes.

  2. That sounds way too cold for me!!! Guess the ideal weather is warm days and cool nights...
    Hope you are keeping warm... will hope over to your blog to check on you as I see you have written today:)

  3. O.M.G that explains why I couldn't touch my lap top yesterday. I could have fried an egg on it. We staunched it out and didn't use fans.
    We just slowly melted watching mind numbing movie s. I am so glad its cooler today woohoo. xoxo

  4. My goodness! I can't imagine hot weather at the moment. I live right near the Scottish Borders and it's freezing. We currently have a relatively mild wind blowing but it's still around 3degrees. I wear thermal long pants under my clothes plus a vest and 2 jumpers - and that's in the house!!

    CJ xx

  5. wow, that sounds way too hot!! i live in lincolshire, uk, its not as cold as scotland but it certainly is freezing!! we have our heating going, fire lit, fan heaters and other electric heaters and im still shivering!!

    Amy x

  6. Thanks Crystal and Amy - sorry you guys are so cold - today is actually cool again here so can tackle some overdue jobs... planning on waterblasting the house today - which will no doubt get me wet!!! Probably should have done that on one of the hotter days :)


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