January 22, 2009

Comings and goings

I had the idea that I would ease back into work slowly this week, instead of lazing around and working twice as hard next week... but I could have done without the stress. There have been lots of positives, particularly seeing everyone, and I have completed plenty of paperwork, but some of the issues have been stressful and clouded over the good stuff. Today I am working from home... possibly playing ostrich, but I want to focus on what needs doing and then go and do all the other errands before my leave finishes!!

This is going to be an interesting few weeks. My three younger children are going for a three week trip with their father in February, starting with skiing in Colorado and finishing in Los Angeles. Planning finances, getting passports, finding cases... and the house is going to seem very empty for a while!

Four days after they leave, my eldest son and his wife also leave to live in Bangladesh for a year, finishing with a trip to the UK and America/ Canada, including Vancouver to see my brother. They have actually started blogging about it - here. They too are trying to source all the things they need and pack for their trip.

Click here for a google earth link...

So many exciting things... and farewells to face.

The good news is that my brother and his wife arrive here for a holiday, from Vancouver, in early March - so really looking forward to seeing them too.

My friend sent me these photos the other night.. of a pitbull who took on a porcupine.
My issues at work might be frustrating, but they are not this bad :)



  1. poor dog! hope your ok. Love Amy xx

  2. OOOw oooh ahhhh. Poor nurse who has to get all of that out too.

  3. Wow your lot are all over the place! lucky them...Oh bless that dog, after I had finished laughing I felt quite sorry for him!!
    Love Tracey xxx

  4. Wow, I can't even imagine where to start getting those things out! Must have been a persistent pit to have gotten quills all over his poor head and chest and legs! Please check out my blog too. I'm a pre vet student and I work at a clinic. www.mattjamesvet.blogspot.com. I'd love if you'd leave a comment too. Good post!


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