January 19, 2009

Dress up pets, dolls and Barbie....

Thanks to The Pet Blog for the following links about Pet Owners that dress up their pets..
..have a look here and here - which was triggered off by RSPCA says people who dress up their dogs could be prosecuted ...

I guess it is all harmless fun, but some people do get a little carried away.

These were taken at a local pet parade..
and how about this - still not sure if they are wearing underpants on their heads!!!...

Anyway I thought of these today when some Phoebe Pix involving dressing up popped into my Mailbox...so meet the adorable infant rocker "Barbie": 

 Thanks to Phoebe's Mum for being creative today :)


  1. I use a doggie jersey (standard coats slide on her so the front legs go through holes it stops it slipping) for my one when it is cold and have no problems with useful items like dog coats/jerseys (sensible ones).

    Dog shoes, used on sore feet for protection, and working dogs again for protection.
    Hiking people often have specially made dog packs so long as they fitted and used correctly.

    There is the odd fancy dress animals show which so long as the animals are happy and it is a 1 off then ok.

    Things like the whatever breed it was having l think hair platts/extensions? and body paint the whole body language and look in the eye of that dog said stressed and not happy. Those l have problems with.
    Animals are not fashion statements sadly to many people see them as that.

    I remember we had a std. poodle brought in one day with pink toenails FFS.
    They should also outlaw cat nail caps but that's a whole other subject although it is often done as a fashion statement because it is colourful.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos, I showed them to Amy and she couldn't stop giggling. We did put socks on Molly once but they didn't really suit!

    Our dogs like rolling in badger poo, can't really see them wearing bikinis or fancy dress!!

    CJ xx

  3. Hihii. Phoebe looks so gorgeous and adorable! I can not take this!

    Also loving the meez "playing with Phoebe"... Lol.

    Dressing animals... I just attended a cat show some months back. Couldn't believe my eyes. I guess it's ok if the animal doesn't mind. My cats wont let me put anything on them, so I don't even try. :)

  4. Oh, Lord, I've seen people dressing up cats and it just should not be done. They are prideful animals and almost always look miserable in clothes.


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