January 11, 2009

Family get togethers....

One thing I love about holidays is the chance to spend time with friends and family.. and this holiday has been one of the best I can remember. This week has been particularly good and I have managed to spend time with my parents, close friends, and wider family .

After three weeks off work I am feeling relaxed at last... planning on spending one more week doing some fun tasks like garage sorting and house washing and helping a friend move house, then I guess had better do some work to prepare for the new term in February.

Yesterday we had a day with my partner's family... the three brothers meeting for an annual get together. This means that Phoebe and the girls get to hang out with their cousin , no their Uncle, who at two years old gets on very well with them.... even I had to stop and think there... family relationships get slightly harder to follow when they cross generations.

One thing I am sure of, they are going to learn to read quickly!
The house has the most amazing "day beds" and we all felt we could happily spend days lying around on them...

As well as being hot, the day had a very "red" feel to it... Phoebe and her mum fitted in perfectly - 

Thanks everyone for a fantastic day :)

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