January 3, 2009

Puppy and Kitten Neonatal Development

Now here is something I really want to see....

Thanks to Ohmidog and Julie at The Pet Blog for spreading this
You can check out the main National Geographic site about it here....

The important thing is that UK readers get to see it tomorrow....

National Geographic Channel’s critically acclaimed “In The Womb” series returns this month with two new one-hour specials — including one that follows the fetal journey of four litters of canines.
Featuring some amazing visual images, the show follows the development of litters inside a Neapolitan mastiff, golden retriever, chihuahua and wolf – from fertilization through the remarkable 63-day journey that takes them from a single cell to man’s best friend.
“In the Womb: Dogs” airs Jan. 4 at 8 p.m.; followed by “In the Womb: Cats” at 9 p.m.

To compare domestic vs wild animals - check out this site on National Geographic...

New Zealand is experiencing hot but windy weather.... was like a mini tornado here last night.
Gusts of up to 120kmh caused damage as a front swept through Canterbury yesterday and on to Wellington this morning.
Gale-force winds yesterday cut power to thousands of Canterbury homes and lifted a shed on to a street, while heavy rain swelled rivers to dangerous levels.
The harsh weather across the South Island marked an end to the holiday golden weather.
At least it is cooler to sleep!

Yesterday, in between playing Mob Wars on Facebook, I cleaned out the pantry - and I actually found myself standing in front of it, admiring the damned thing when we got home last night.... sad eh! It was long overdue for a sort out... the rest of the kitchen is in the firing line today, with future plans for wardrobes, linen cupboard and, (faint shudder), the garage.... did i mention I live with a hoarder and we had to combine two households worth of stuff. I don't think the garage will ever see a car living in it again. :(

Our neighbours had a "right of way party" so we actually met, in fact ate and drank ( plenty) with the people we share our boundaries with. Living in a city means these things take a little longer than I am used to... after all it has only been two years since I moved here... and I can say, they are all very pleasant and normal and reassuring... we might need each other one day for bird flu! Meanwhile, I will now recognise them when we see them :)

Last night, we experienced two alcohol related incidents... one the persistent vomiting of a teenager after too much bourbon. He is in for a rough night and a rotten head today, but luckily didn't get alcohol poisoning.

On our way home, we saw a car teetering over the lake near our house... five boys had misjudged backing it by the bank, and by the time we got there, the drunk driver was in the cells waiting for bail, and four drunk 16-19 year olds were cold and shivering by the lake wondering how to get the car out. After a few attempts with a four wheel drive and a repeatedly snapping tow rope, it was finally reluctantly left until tow trucks could salvage it... risking being stripped and pushed into the water, but I hear it has gone today. They were lucky... no one was hurt.

Hoping you had a safe New Year.

Just for Pienovski... another boxer picture

Filey - she is 5, and belongs to Claire, a local vet nurse :)


  1. Cool pictures, very interesting to me as we are hoping to mate Sparky in the coming days.

    CJ xx

  2. These pictures are amazing. Amazing... so fascinating.

    And thank you for the INCREDIBLE Boxer picture. I saved it on my computer... So beautiful!


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