January 17, 2009

The Revenge of the Wasps

After my water blasting efforts, the areas where the paint came off now need sanding and painting... so Phoebe's dad offered us his sander. Any excuse to visit the girls never goes amiss, so we headed out for dinner.

Phoebe is teething (oooow), and has learned how to suck noses...
 Her middle sister told her that she was "her rainbow Phoebe" and she loved her best.
Her head control is wonderful, seen here having tummy time with Mum..
and quality bonding with Dad too..
Their vicious spiked Hawthorn hedge has been ripped out and a new fence has been put up this week... but after cutting out a tree, a Wasps nest was found in the ground next to it today. A few stings later they used google to find out what to do with wasp's nests, and as soon as Phoebe was asleep, and the rest of us were watching tv, Action Dad was off to deal with it. My partner decided to capture the fun after nearly being stung earlier when poking them with a stick.
Apparently using a mix of petrol and engine oil is one method... and you don't set fire to it!! We had visions of the new fence going up in flames...
You cover it with a towel ( partner's idea apparently)  to stop them escaping.... and pour the mix onto the towel.


Never peek under the towel!!!
Make sure your exit path is clear!!
Action Dad.... Wasp stings respond well to vinegar... :)


  1. lol rofl, such a classic picture of him running. A real you tube moment. I hope you videoed that! baby looking gorgeous, actually all the girls. Glad you guys had a great time.

  2. Please don't say he really stuck his head under the towel what a numpty ROFLMAO :-D

  3. lol! what a great picture! Thanks for your comment, it is amazing what they do! hope your well. Love Amy x


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